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With a fresh anointing and a true heart for God, Swoop Brown is an Urban-Christian recording artist, who has recorded 3 CD’s entitled “Confessions of a Believer”,  “A New Season",  and “Radical Praise.” 


A true Psalmist at heart, Swoop’s music is current, his voice is anointed and his songs are completely God inspired. The foundation of Swoop’s sound is rooted in urban, mainstream, Soul and R&B wrapped with a fresh approach to worship that is freeing to the spirit and soothing to the Soul.  


With no compromise to God’s word, Swoop manages to deliver a strong message while ministering to your heart through his non-traditional and sometimes radical style of music. Swoop Brown is all in!


Swoop was born and raised in Los Angeles, California by his beautiful mother and awesome grandparents. Surrounded by music & the arts since birth, Swoop began playing Drums at the age of 9 and piano shortly after. Swoop had a gift for writing songs and eventually became a songwriter and producer professionally.


Swoop built a solid foundation in the record industry as a producer, singer/ song writer and record company owner. He and his long-time writing partner and wife, Bright Riley-Brown formed an entertainment company that managed to secure deals with Motown Records, Capitol Records, Ruthless Records, Q-West/ Warner Bros., Sony Music and UMGD. Eventually, their record label became a subsidiary of Universal Music Group Distribution. Swoop’s work has appeared on multi-platinum CD’s, soundtracks and video games.  


God’s grace, favor and protection was on Swoop Brown throughout the entire “entertainment industry” journey. And while the business was growing, doors were opening and deals were being made, the call that God placed on Swoop’s life before the foundations of the earth was laid, would be called into activation. In Mathew 4:10 Jesus said “You will worship the Lord your God and serve only Him”. Swoop was led to close the doors to a business that mostly served worldly things and surrender his life, career, gifts and talents to be used to glorify God.


Swoop Brown is now the co-founder and leader of “Armed and Faithful Worship Ministry” and the music ambassador for Teen Challenge SoCal. Swoop is uniquely gifted to minister God’s word through music to a very diverse audience. While Swoop and his worship team are supported by and appeals to a wide range of people, we believe God has called this ministry to focus on the hurt, lost and broken hearted. And by the grace of God, Swoop and his partner Bright, being led by the Holy Spirit, have been able to create a sound that can and has ministered to the unsaved and newly saved as well as the seasoned Christian. It is believed that Swoop Brown's style of music not only appeals to a diverse group but has helped to bridge the gap between the millennials, Generations X, and the baby boomers.


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