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I'm Saved - Swoop Brown
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The 411
Swoop Brown, Gospel, Music, Christian, Ministry
Radical Praise


Swoop Brown recently completed a mixtape CD entitled Radical Praise. Radical Praise is a 5 song CD boldly proclaiming his love for Christ, the gift of salvation and the freedom to worship God without religious restraints. That said this mixtape is anything but traditional. With Swoop’s beat heavy urban style tracks, strong melodies and to the point lyrics, this CD will usher you into refreshing new place to worship and praise God. Radical Praise was produced by Swoop Brown/ Co-produced by Bright Riley- Brown. To purchase “Radical Praise”  click the link.


Confessions of a Believer

Feedback on C.O.A.B.

“Confessions of a Believer” is a must have for your CD Collection or Itunes Playlist. There is something for everyone on this CD. The feedback about Confessions of a Believer has been wonderful. People have written emails saying “They love the music”, “They felt God’s anointing”, “It changes the atmosphere”, “It’s a fun, fresh way to worship” and “The songs line up with God’s word”. It’s really awesome to hear comments from parents who say they now worship with their kids to “Praise You & Jesus is Alive”. The feedback has been a blessing. Confessions of a Believer was produced by Swoop Brown/ Co-produced by Bright Riley- Brown. To purchase “Confessions of a Believer” click the link.


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